Cheerson CX20 Auto-Pathfinder FPV RC Quadcopter with GPS Auto-return Function

There’s a huge price gap between the first 2 drones on this list, with the second being priced just a bit over $200. Reason behind this is a superior build quality alongside some serious specs and features upgrades. For example, this little fella is able to effectively go for about 300 meters away from its transmitter before losing connection. In addition to that, it is able to stay for about 15 minutes in the air which is not so good, but still good enough for this price range, Especially considering top tier models who barely go over 25-minute mark. Another very important thing to add about this drone is its MX autopilot system which can significantly improve your flight experience with a bit of help from the IOC (intelligent orientation control) module. All things considered, the Cheerson CX20 justified its price and is among the finest budget GPS drones out there.

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