Must-Have Accessories for Fishing Drone System

Extra Batteries
A single drone battery offers on average 15-25 minutes of flying time and requires about an hour to fully recharge. Have extra battery packs on-hand to continue flying.

Extra Propellers
Propellers often break or or are damaged due to their fragile nature. They are also the least expensive and easiest part to replace. Have extra propellers as back-ups.

Propeller Guards
Prop guards are a lightweight, durable and inexpensive solution for protecting propellers and bystanders. They prevent injury and help deflect the drone after a collision.

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Carrying Case
A durable, water-resistant case or backpack is essential for protection when transporting and storing your drone. Choose a foam fitted case that can hold your complete system, including accessories.

Remote Controller Monitor Hood
Install a monitor hood on your remote controller to shade your connected mobile device from direct sunlight. This will give you a better view of your display when shooting outside. Many hoods are collapsible and easy to carry.

Micro SD Cards
When flying drones for photography and videography have extra Micro SD Cards with you to capture every minute and image of your adventure. Lower-GB cards are sufficient for still images, but higher-GB cards provide the space required for both photo and video footage.

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